About Kristy Snyman


Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.

                           -Thich Nhat Hanh



Kristy believes that when the chakras are in balance, your outer world will reflect the peace and harmony of your inner world.


Her first love was dance where she made her theatrical debut as an original cast member of 'African Footprint', culminating in over 500 performances and a performance at the Royal Variety Show in London 2003. 

She holds a B Tech degree in dance and a certification in pilates, yoga and children’s yoga. When she became a mum, she was inspired to share her passion of yoga with her daughter and later to all children.

She has written and published two children’s picture books: ‘The Rainbow Within’ and ‘My Rainbow of Energy’Both of the books are based on different magical journeys through the chakras, which include yoga poses and positive affirmations.

Through yoga, books and sound I hope to help raise the vibration of our beautiful planet. 


I give thanks to all the wonderful yogis, my teachers, friends and family who have inspired and supported me on this journey thus far.


With Love and Gratitude.




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